Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Um… Ok what are you supposed to do when you typically celebrate Valentine’s Day even if it’s as little as buying yourself some candy, but your significant other doesn’t? Hmm kinda puts a romantic damper on things doesn’t it?  Hmm even just a simple Happy Valentine’s day would honestly be enough to make me happy.  What do you think? That and I’m a chocolate addict!


Thank you

8 Feb

I’d like to thank some awesome people who have helped me tremendously and have been kind enough to feature me as an artist on their blogs and pages. I had been a fan of Roberto Denaro Styles’ poetry since I’ve been in Purple Word Play Poetry Group on facebook. He has been kind enough to feature me as an author/writer on his blog His site is awesome and it’s great to be heard and have a platform to express and read the thoughts and work of other authors and writers. It’s sensual and erotic at is finest points. And no it’s not a cheap or sleazy porn site kind of blog site. So if you’re in to erotic literature, romance, or you’re a fellow writer/poet or author please checkout his site. It’s really a cool place with cool people on it.

I’d also like to thank Quinton Veal for being a wonderful poet and guide. I am really grateful for all of his encouraging words. Writing is tough and being into erotica and writing in that type of genre is difficult. You have half the audience if not less than what other authors do. Still its people like him and watching others like him and Roberto Denaro Styles and others persevere that gives me inspiration and fuels my writing passion.

I’m really humbled and blessed to be able to do what makes me happy and I thank God for it and all of my friends and family and the people I come in contact with for their support, love, and prayers.

Thank you.

Lucifer-The Interview by James Green (book review)

5 Feb

Ok its been a while and I admit I don’t have a clue who may be reading my blogs but I’m going to keep doing it anyway. It’s just as much for me as it is for other people too.  I today am doing a book review on a book that I read by fellow Intelligent Publishing indie-author James Green. His book is called Lucifer-The Interview .  I went to his book signing yesterday and I could tell his words came from his heart and so did the message he conveys through this book.

The book initially deals with early loss and how an orphan copes with his life’s circumstances both wanted and unwanted. It discusses a main message that sometimes can be overlooked in the thread of Christianity.  Through  mistakes the main character falls victim to various influences that worldly things can propose.  But he prevails by exercising his own free will to seek the truth and serve what is true in his heart and finds strength and mercy in God as a result of learning from decisions and reliving theological events courtesy of Lucifer himself as the book takes an interesting turn.

Through recognizance the main character is able to get a second chance of sorts because he decided to walk a different path. This books takes a very old and proverbial lesson and breathes new life and a different satire to learning and understanding the major component of Christianity’s main points and beliefs.  I would recommend this book for this reason and also because his writing style is to the point and still manages to be cryptic and carry mental volume at the same time. 

I applaud the efforts of James Green’s first book. It takes a lot to find a voice and bring that kind of message to the forefront once again in a world where people are impatient,harsh, and judgmental of many people’s religious belief’s and values.


13 Dec

I have been going through a lot of unnecessary drama. It’s gotten to the point that I just don’t know what to do or think. I want so hard to move in a different direction and to live my life to the fullest and to walk a new path. The person I’m in a relationship with is someone who I am so thankful to be with. It’s rare to find someone who loves you for you. I wish nothing more than to be with him and to have a life together. The sad thing is that if I let people into my world close to me they would do nothing but cause turmoil and discord. I long to live a life I love and love the life I live… as I strive to do this there are more and more obstacles being placed in my way. But I had to remember to have faith. I have to trust in God and try to understand what he wants me to do. He has brought me through so much and I can’t possibly give up now. Even though I’m in one of my darkest states… I praise and love God more. He has a way of showing me that I still have a lot to be thankful for and I love HIM even more for that. You don’t need to put on a front for people or anyone. God knows what’s in your heart, He knows where he is loved. God loves all kinds of people from all walks of life and just when you think that you’re going through something… you see how bad the next person has it and you have to thank Him for his kindness and mercy. You don’t have to go around shouting and judging or cramming your beliefs down anyone’s throat, sometimes you can just be an example of how great God is and that’s the truth. The best things in life don’t have a price tag attached to them because they’re priceless. Love, health, acceptance, peace of mind, creativity, and some of the littlest things in life are truly priceless. In the sea of struggling and irritation I go through sometimes I have to realize that God is right there with me and that I have to rely on HIM and remind myself of why He is so great.

Soopa Christians

6 Dec

I have to say that I wasn’t expecting the response that I got when I put up the poem: ‘soopa christians’ on FB in PurpleWordPlay Poets group… but I’m glad that there are people like me who are out there. I just feel that going to church everyday or quoting the King James Bible doesn’t make you an awesome Christian. I think people too often hide behind religion as opposed to embracing their spirituality. In my heart, yes I definitely feel like God is worth believing in, I definitely respect the powers of the universe but in order to do that… It doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to pick a religion and defecate on everyone who you deem to be unfit or not like you.

I mean… damn isn’t diversity the very thing that makes us what we are… different. I just get tired of people who try to stuff and cram their philosophies down the throats of others. The constant efforts of many to minimize the feelings of few. I’m not saying that people have to agree with everything someone or another says but… is what you think to be right always right? What about growing and evolving? Call me crazy but I want to grow and evolve, I never mistake an opportunity to learn or grow or develop. You never know who or why certain people are placed around us. And more importantly, it’s bad enough people judge each other everyday based on the stupidest things, why not look at things positively? Why not be an example as opposed to casting judgement?

That’s what turns off so many people from religion and Christianity, in particular. I’m not trying to preach to anyone, but if you’re listening out there. Be your own best example…live, love, and learn what you do and what makes you happy. I certainly won’t judge you!

Please feel free to leave comments !


5 Dec

It’s always crazy how sometimes you think you know a person…just to find out that you DON’T! You lose some friends and then when you lose touch with some, you regain touch with others. Today I got in touch with a really good friend of mine who I miss a lot. Sometimes when you’re down you have to be reminded to be thankful for small favors. What friendship does is lend big favors to those who are true and valued. Yes we may go through ups and downs and bumps along the road and most certainly in one way or another if we’re open to it we see who our real friends really are. But you don’t need a big entourage to make you see sometimes that you’re loved and that the love that you have for others is worth reciprocating, do we?

Today I must admit that I had to apologize to someone who is dear to me and whom I love very much. Initially I was upset that I wasn’t getting what I thought I wanted because it wasn’t to the letter of my liking. But then I thought about it, I really do have what I want from this particular person…all of the love that I could ever ask for? Who cares if I didn’t get a material item, the fact that that person cared enough about me to want to try to make me happy is ultimately what any person wants and for that reason alone, I have what I really NEED… and that’s worth being thankful for.

Verbal Portraits

3 Dec

What’s good everyone, this is my first blog on If you want to know more about me check out my profile…??? My book is called Verbal Portraits, it’s my first book. When I started writing I just wrote about whatever my imagination decided about. It really was me just doing my thing. I had no clue what kind of classification my book was going to get. So needless to say that when it got classified under erotica and horror I was a bit surprised. My book is a collection of short stories and the main characters are all women. They’re all different types of women. My poetry in the poetry section of the book covers a variety of topics from: fear, hope,love, getting over grief/relationships, death, life, people, you name it. So while yes, my short stories and poetry definitely have erotica running through them. The entire book isn’t erotica. The cool thing about it is that people can skip around. A reader isn’t just stuck to reading one continuous story throughout the whole book and for me that was important. I wanted readers to have variety and my writing covers a range so while everything may not be for everybody there’s something everyone can relate to in one way or another.

I honestly didn’t think that I’d ever be able to get my book published, I had a lot of doors slammed in my face; just like most writers I’m sure. There’s also been a new cover change which I’m excited about. Quite honestly I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum and just try to do me! Not anyone else and creatively I take direction from a variety of inspirations; whatever hits me at a given point of time. The influence of my characters comes from combinations from my imagination, random people I see walking around, expressions painted on their faces, some of everything. The poem Verbal Portrait’s intention is to get people to see that there is a connection between what we hold inward to the world around us and the fact that we are vessels that transport communications between the two. With our thoughts we make up our own language that we wear internally and externally to paint pictures of how we feel in our own way. So like art it is left to be interpreted in a variety of ways whether or not the artists intends for certain perceptions to be had.

There have been a lot of comments coming from all directions: that’s life I suppose but the good have far outweighed the bad. And don’t worry my writing isn’t the only thing that I’ll be blogging about, lol. So I encourage whomever wants to join to be welcomed and inspired! Until next time….